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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Come Move Mountains

Welcome to the live on-line journal of AVC volunteers working in Armenia today!

This is an open forum for our volunteers to post photos, describe the work and activities they engage in, and include their reflections on daily life as a volunteer in Armenia.

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Bari yegak (welcome), and we hope you'll join us soon.

Shad cherm barevnerov,

Anoush Tatevossian
Armenian Volunteer Corps
62 Hanrapetutyan st., apt. 108
Yerevan, Armenia
(374 10) 54-00-37

Armenians have dreamt for centuries of the opportunity to create a country worthy of our national heritage. Now this opportunity is before us – living and working in a free Armenia. Armenians living today in Armenia and in the Diaspora are increasingly aware of the unique rewards and responsibilities this represents. AVC's motto is "come move mountains" because living and working in Armenia is an act of faith and an investment of hope in the future of our homeland and nation...
This blog is intended to be an open forum for volunteers to share their experiences with each other, alumni, and the public. This blog is not intended for discussion of anything other than the Armenia Volunteer Corps and related organizations/events. Blogs which are not pertinent, or contain vulgar or malicious content, will not be posted. Thanks for your cooperation.


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