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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Julie Couston

Name: Julie Couston Age: 25 Hometown: Clamart (92), France Started AVC volunteer service: February 2006

Work Sites:

Yerevan -- Manana Youth Educational Center ( ), Naregatsi Art Institute ( )

Vanadzor -- Solidarité Protestante France-Arménie (

I have begun my volunteering in Yerevan during 2 months. My job in Manana consisted in working with a group of students who were translating the association website into French. The website presents small texts written by teenagers who want to learn journalism. It has been a great experience because while correcting the translations, I have learnt a lot about Armenia and the way young people think here. In Naregatsi I was doing fundraising for the art gallery that, until then, was funded only by one philanthropic Armenian of the US. We are still waiting for the outcomes of the work i.e. whether our proposals to other fundraising sources have been successful. Anyway, working there is a chance for any volunteer interested in Armenian culture to attend any form of art :concerts, movies, exhibitions, dance performances etc.

After this experience in Yerevan, I have decided to move in the regions for my works to have a greater impact. I am now in Vanadzor (3rd largest city in Armenia, 2 hours north of Yerevan) with SPFA, I am doing French classes and I am trying to strengthen the links between France and Armenia. It is very important, especially this year, since France celebrates the cultural year of Armenia.

During my stay in Armenia, I have been living in host families. I think it is part of the cultural trip. My host families were very very hospitable and helpful. Also, they were patient when I couldn’t understand what they were talking about (I have learnt the language here). See the picture of me and my host brother in Yerevan.

Other Projects: I am writing a blog in French with more details about my experience in Armenia and a link to my pictures : You are more than welcome to visit it and write comments.


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