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Friday, June 01, 2007

AVC - Worldwide!

Alumni Serli Hacikoglu (AVC 2006) and Becky Bagdassarian (AVC 2002-2003) set up an AVC table at the annual Alexandria Armenian Cultural Festival in Virginia, USA. Serli and Becky were handing out brochures, showing photos and sharing personal experiences about the value of volunteering in Armenia!

Raffi Kortoshian, Hagop Cutujian, Samuel Kassarjian and Jack Maghamez (AVC 2006)
were instrumental in assisting Birthright Armenia and AVC by advertising and organizing informational presentations about the programs in Syria and Lebanon this past Spring.

Joe Levonian (AVC 2006-2007) will be organizing several presentations about AVC and Birthright Armenia in Australia within the next few months, to inspire some of our
thousands-strong Armenian community in Australia to join us in nation-building in our homeland!

AVC Exec. Director Anoush Tatevossian (AVC 2004 alum) recently made a 4 country tour giving a total of 9 presentations about AVC and Birthright Armenia communities in Romania,
Bulgaria, Poland and the Czech Republic. The Armenian communities in these countries had not heard about the programs and were very inspired by the opportunity to connect with Armenia, other diasporans, and their own personal Armenian identity.

Constanza, Romania

Warsaw, Poland

Prague, Czech Republic

We look forward to having new volunteers from around the world come together to move mountains in Armenia in the very near future!


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