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Friday, November 24, 2006

Dr. Ishkhan Babajanian, M.D. & Mrs. Anahit Babajanian, C.N.A

Names: Dr. Ishkhan Babajanian, M.D. & Mrs. Anahit Babajanian, C.N.A.
Hometown: California
Place of Birth: Iran
Duration of Service: September - December 2006; Living & Working in Stepanakert, Karabagh

I have retired as a practicing pediatrician from the William Beaumont Army Medical Center. It has been my mission to serve my Armenian community back home. I have toured the Nagorno Karabakh Republic with my family 2 separate times. I have come to respect the people of Artsakh, their perseverance, diligence, and their ethnic and national pride.

As a retired Armenian pediatrician with US experience, I would like to offer my time and professional and social experience by working in Nagorno Karabakh as a volunteer pediatrician. I would like to join our people there in building and improving pediatric health care in the region. As a person who is deeply committed in improving the condition of our people and preserving the legacy of our forefathers, I hope I can dedicate my small, humble share to my people.


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