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Friday, September 22, 2006

Armenia Diaspora Conference

The Third Armenian-Diaspora Conference

Through September 18th- 21st, the 3rd Armenia Diaspora conference was held in Yerevan, and AVC along with Birthright Armenia took part in this very successful event.

Organized by the Foreign Ministry, the event brought together important individuals, businesses and organizations that strengthen ties between the Diaspora and Armenia, while the conference dealt with important issues regarding Armenia’s development and future homeland- Diaspora relations. Seeing how AVC and Birthright have created opportunities to bridge the gap that exists between Armenia and the Diaspora, we were present at the conference’s business fair. With a great info booth, we did a great job promoting AVC’s interests and services to the hundreds of local Armenians and Diasporan's who were present. It was a fantastic way for AVC to get its word out within the community, and to build new contacts with Diasporan representatives throughout the world, specifically in those communities that are unaware of the great opportunities offered by AVC and Birthright Armenia.


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