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Friday, July 21, 2006

Habitat for Humanity

On Wednesday July 12th several volunteers from AVC joined a group of 26 youth from Buenos Aires to help out with one of the ongoing projects organized by Habitat for Humanity. The group traveled to Gavar, a city close to Lake Sevan, to help out the staff of Habitat who were working on the construction of an apartment building. The Habitat team equipped the volunteers with shovels and buckets and guided them, as they had to transport sand up and down the floors of the apartment building. The assembly line of workers not only included diasporan volunteers but locals within the town who wanted to join in on the fun!

One by one, everyone played an important part in passing the buckets of sand to each other in order for it to make it up to the top floor, where the sand would later be used to cement and tile the bathrooms in the apartment. It wasn't all work and no play at the work site, as the Argentinean volunteers led the large group to sing and dance while they were working hard transporting the buckets. The day was a success as AVC volunteers traveled out of town and and spent the day mingling with new diasporans and locals, working together to help out Habitat for the day on a task which seemed to be a nice break from everyones daily work assignments in Yerevan. Everyone seemed to have enjoyed themselves, and hopefully AVC will partner up with Habitat again in the near future!


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