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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

AVC Monthly Meeting

The AVC held its monthly meeting on June 9th. Among things covered, the new volunteers met each other and were introduced to Anoush and AVC Board Member Tom Samuelian. Anoush talked about work sites and what to expect from working at different organizations in Yerevan.

Volunteers then had a screening of several films either made by AVC volunteers, or by organizations that AVC volunteers work with. The line-up included a promotional video for Hieffer International filmed and produced by Sophie Malkasian (2005), a series of short films produced and directed by the children of the Manana Youth Organization where Julie Couston worked (2006), a documentary film about the destruction of Armenian Khatchkars in Naxichevan produced by RAA where Raffi Kortushian volunteers (2006), and a marketing video directed and produced by Anoush Tatevossian (2004) for Bars Media.


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