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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

AVC Protests Against Racism in Russia

The AVC joined other protesters on Monday, June 5th in front of the Russian Embassy in Yerevan to protest the recent and ongoing killings of Armenians and other foreign peoples in Russia during the last half year. Over the last month, 3 Armenians were killed by skinhead groups in the Moscow metro area. In total, there were around 100 people gathered in the street in front of the embassy, many holding signs saying "STOP". This was a major press event, and many volunteers were interviewed by news agencies. The volunteers described their irritation and anger towards the killings, which they claim Russian officials aren't doing enough to deter. After the rally, protesters marched to the Armenian Foreign Ministry in Republic Square. The protest was considered a success, as this was the first organized resistance of Armenians to the killings.


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