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Thursday, June 01, 2006

AVC Spring Community Projects

In addition to their daily work-sites, AVC volunteers undertake community projects. Where contributions and changes are made slowly but surely through day to day interactions at job-sites, Community Projects provide a chance for volunteers to make a difference in Armenia outside the scope of their primary job site and work together with local Armenians and other volunteers to realize larger-scale and ongoing projects.


April 14th & 16th:
AVC Volunteers gathered to try their hand at traditional Easter egg dying by utilizing onion peels. On Easter Sunday, AVC volunteers and alumni passed out the Easter eggs to the community at Katoghike, a neighborhood church in downtown Yerevan.

April 23rd and on April 30th:
AVC Volunteers joined Nig-Aparan’s Tsaradoong 2006 (Tree Plant 2006). The goal of this ambitious project is to plant 3 million trees; one for each citizen in Armenia. AVC participated in plantings both in Gegharkunik Marz in Shirak Marz.

April 29th:
Six AVC volunteers traveled to Kotayk village east of Yerevan to plant trees with members of Armenian Forests NGO and IREX alumni. In total, over 300 apricot trees were planted by volunteers on an open hillside overlooking the rolling hills of Kotayk Marz. The site is one of multiple locations within the area designated for reforestation activities, according to Armenian Forests NGO President Jeffrey Tufenkian.

May 27th:
Together with IREX alumni (Armenian students who have participated in study-abroad programs to the US in high school or college), AVC volunteers joined Habitat for Humanity in its mission of constructing affordable housing for low income families. Habitat’s “Global Village” Project encourages a sense of ownership by coordinating the building of affordable housing homeowners themselves, families who invest their own labor into building their home, and those of their neighbors.

AVC and IREX volunteers helped to spread gravel in the roof of Kegham Hovhannisyan's new house for insulation. The work which was accomplished in several hours would have taken the family 1-2 full days. As Gohar Palyan, Volunteer Program Manager of Habitat expressed, the volunteers “came to help this family without knowing them and made difference in their lives.”

May 28th:
AVC and Birthright Armenia volunteers volunteered their time and muscles to Pyunic Armenian Center for Disabled by partaking in its 16th annual marathon. The marathon is part of Pyunic’s public education efforts to raise awareness about disabled people in Armenia and encouraging the society to welcome them. Samuel, Jason, Karine and Raffi were among the 60+ participants who took part in this 22 kilometer (13.75 miles) marathon from Opera Square to the Holy Sea of Etchmiadzin. The volunteers were astounded by the strength and endurance of the participants with handicaps as such a distance is no small feat even without a disability. The volunteers assisted by pushing the athletes in wheelchairs if they became too tired along the way.


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