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Thursday, June 29, 2006

AVC Takes Action Against the Recall of Ambassador Evans

The AVC teamed up with over 150 activists on June 28th under the TV screen in Republic Square to protests the recall of the American Ambassador to Armenia, John Evans. Evans' recall is the result of his comments a year ago verifying the Armenian Genocide, which Evans defended as a historical fact that cannot be debated, despite increasing Turkish denial of the event. Evans' comments are currently out of line with US Policy, which fails to recogize the First Genocide of the 20th Century.

Volunteers gathered in the Square and lit candles, performing a largely silent protest that lit up their corner of the square and attracted the attention of news agencies, onlookers, and many tourists staying at the Armenia Marriot Hotel.

The protest was staged at 10pm in Yerevan, to coincide with the beginning of the US Senate confirmation hearings of Ambassador Evans' replacement in Washington DC (2pm EST). Photographs of the event in Armenia were quickly emailed to collaborators in Washington and projected on a screen outside the hearings, where other protesters stood with yellow tape covering their mouths.

The yellow candles and tape were representative of the Yellow Ribbon Campaign, which was started by Mr. Edward Balasanian as a campaign against the silencing of the Armenian Genocide. Mr. Balasanian spoke briefly about the campaign and the Ambassador at the protest, which lasted roughly an hour. A special thanks to all the volunteers who showed up to support Ambassador Evans.

You can read more and view more pictures here.


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