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Monday, June 05, 2006

Maral & Sayat Arslanlioglu

Name: Maral & Sayat Arslanlioglu
Age: 32 and 36
Hometown: Istanbul
Started AVC Service: April 2006
Worksite: Armenia Tree Project & Armenian Forests NGO

We have had the great experience of working with these organizations through AVC, for the reforestation of our beautiful Armenia. We have planted trees and worked in the tree nurseries in several vilages. AVC has also made the arrangement for volunteers to join community tree planting activities in various weekends.

Our experience in Armenia was unparalleled. We met best people and we saw best sceneries there. Each tree is a new hope for the future of Armenia and we have seen many hopes planted for that paradise country.

Both Armenia Tree Project and Armenian Forests NGO are excellent organizations who do wonderful work to reforest Armenia, which has a very critical level of 8% of forests today. Together with AVC, they made every effort to make our volunteering experience a fruitful and pleasant one.


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