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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A little bit about Kevork

I’m Kevork Kojayan from Lebanon, Beirut. I come from a western Armenian background. I am a student at the Lebanese International University as a graphic designer.

This is my first time in Armenia and I am working as an AVC volunteer at the Sunchild NGO.

Actually we had a festival in October 25-29, 2009 about protecting the environment and the animals who are in risk of extinction. The first day was the parade, more than 1000 children were there, with animal costumes that they made from the garbage and they marched on the street to GinoMosva.

There was 4 days of documentary movies including animation. And on the forth day was the closing ceremony. Children were given awards for best costumes and best music, and paintings.

More about me, I have studied painting and drawing in Lebanon since I was 4 years old at a school of art called Hamazkaine (Toros Roslin academy). I also play the guitar in a punk rock band --original songs and recordings.

I came to Armenia to see my mother country where my ancestors were exiled, to experience, work and help through Birthright Armenia, which gave me a chance to make it success.


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