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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wednesdays with Tatevik - February 17, 2010

Tatevik Revazian

This week can be defined briefly as the entertainment week.

Friday was Deannas birthday (congrats again☺) and sadly Brandon’s leaving party. We started at Deannas friends house and continued the party at different places. What a night!

Sunday was an amazing day!!! First my cousin got engaged so I experienced a real Armenian engagement. It is so much more traditional than in Denmark. Afterwards I went to a huge Valentine party. The brother of my friend (from work) was invited to this party organized by ABSOLUTE. It was a semi party/semi concert thing and we had lots of fun! We ended up at a quite fancy club at a special Valentine event. I was not ready to go home, but unfortunately work starts at 9AM).

Monday was one more day with meeting new interesting people! I spend most of the day with my friend from work, Olga. She took me to see her friend’s dance studio which was great. He started everything from scratch and they were all extremely motivated. It was wonderful to see!

Afterwards we went to a goodbye party for an Italian guy, Michelangelo, we met Friday night. Many of the volunteers were present and we had a great time eating home-made pizza.

Yesterday I had a great day at the Arbes child development and rehabilitation center. I was with the group with the youngest children – they are 3 and 4 years old. They don’t really speak, but one of the children tried to say my name. This really teaches me to be happy for the smallest achievements in life. I stayed there the whole day because the President’s wife visited the center (Rita Sarkissian). I was allowed to take a picture while she toured around the center.

In the evening I had Armenian classes and I took Michelangelo with me.

Although he only had one night left in Armenia he was very motivated to learn the Armenian alphabet. I was really amazed how fast he actually learned – especially given that he does not even speak Armenian!

After two hours he actually ended up reading short sentences.

Next week my goals is a bit more sleep!

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