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Friday, September 08, 2006

Habitat for Humanity, Part 2

On Wednesday, September 6, AVC volunteers had an opportunity to return to Gavar and once again partner with Habitat for Humanity. Here, we worked on the same apartment building as before. Once finished, the building will house 24 families and close to 100 people.

We arrived at the site at 9am and, after a collective morning prayer, we recieved our day's placement. We worked side-by-side in one particular apartment with the man who would soon live in it: his first new home. For the entire day, AVC volunteers plastered and sanded the walls of the apartment in order to prepare the walls for painting. It was interesting to see how meticuluous the man's work was and how proud he felt to be working on his home. The smile that erupted on his face everytime he walked onto his balcony attested to his appreciation.

My second time on the worksite, I was amazed to witness the abundance of progress that Habitat has made on the building in only two months. When I first went in July, the building was a mere skeleton. Now, however, the apartments have tiled floors, beautiful wooden doors, and more. The humble works of every person that volunteered with Habitat for Humanity will greatly and directly influence these people.

-Stephanie Johnson


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