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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tatjana on Nathan’s Archeological Dig Site

Tatjana Crossley
USA (Florida)

I was given the opportunity to visit Nathan’s work’s dig site. My first visit to an archeological dig! It is a site that is 5000 years old and has remains from a temple and houses. Apparently the archeologists had found 7 sacrificial wolves at the site that are now at a museum.

The dig wasn’t exactly what I was expecting, but then again I imagined we’d be dusting off ancient artifacts and going down into enclosed chambers- I guess I pictured a dig more similar to what one might see in Indiana Jones or the Mummy- very unrealistic, I know.

So we spent our time digging up dirt, moving dirt in buckets and moving rocks to a rock pile… when I started moving the rocks, I was told by a few of the men that I shouldn’t move rocks, I should move the buckets of dirt… so I did. But when I started carrying the bucket in front of me as apposed to holding the handle I was told to not do that- I must carry the bucket by the handle because it is not good for my health… and by my health I think they meant the health of my ovaries since as the man was telling me it was bad he kept motioning to his belly, or maybe they meant for the health of my back, I’m not really sure- which I found amusing but slightly annoying since they wouldn’t let me carry rocks and now they were telling me how to hold a bucket.

But it was interesting, and the scenery was lovely. We found lots of ceramic pieces and animal bones and the head archeologist found a little piece of what used to be a bracelet someone wore centuries ago!

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