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Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Summer in Armenia

Griselda Ceballos
United States, 2013

“Im anoone  Griselda e: Hay chem: Mexikoohi em, bayts amoosins hay e”:  As soon as I hesitantly whisper these words the reaction is priceless, an instant connection. I can read and write in Armenian, but I understand and speak very little. The idea of spending a summer in Armenia was something I had been contemplating, yet having it materialize is something completely different. It was a tough decision, as my better half would not be joining me, but I believe the cause is unquestionably worth the sacrifice. My dream is to one day be able to communicate with my husband’s grandparents and share our stories. Without a doubt, an adventure of a lifetime and by far my craziest!
I arrived in Yerevan June 22, 2013 and absolutely love it! This experience so far has been filled with many unforgettable moments as well as a few challenges. I am currently volunteering with AVC at FAR's children support center full-time. I am teaching the older children English and Spanish, and the little ones the Armenian alphabet. The staff is such a great pleasure to work with and the children are equally amazing. So far, I have been meeting many wonderful people and visiting beautiful places along the way. My host family welcomed me into their home with open arms, and from the very first moment treated me like a daughter. If I would have to describe this trip in two words they would be: unforgettable and inspiring. I am so blessed and grateful for the opportunity to not only learn the language, but to also get a comprehensive picture of Armenia itself. If given the choice again, would I choose to do it?  “Yes! In a heartbeat.”

 This experience has taught me so many things, but the one thing that resonates the most is a quote on the wall of one of the AVC offices, “Be the change you want to see in the world” Gandi.

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